Matriarch Chapter


Julia Mae Guillory Francis
your mother

Artelous Guillory
her father

Valentine Guillory
his father

Cleophas Guillory
his father

Mary Guillory
his mother

Francois Guillory, Sr.
her father

Joseph Guillory
his father

Joseph Gregoire Guillory
his father

To get a complete Look at the family tree go to

Tonies Landry &  Zoway Guillory Landry (excuse spelling if  wrong) are my great grand parents and  Parents of Ella Mae Landry.

Valentine Guillory & Josephine Hardy (Elodie Guillory- Stepmother) are my great grand parents and Parents of Artelous Guillory.

Ella Mae Landry and Artelous Guillory Married in 19?.  There was nine children from this union.   I am a proud direct descendant of Ella

Mae Landry-Guillory and Artelous Guillory.


  1. Herbert Guillory

  2. Josephine Guillory Balque

  3. Julia Mae Guillory Francis (My Mother)

  4. Joseph Hurlin Guillory Sr.

  5. Julia Faye Guillory Common

  6. Ronald Guillory Sr.

  7. Graylin Guillory Sr.

  8. Cassandra Guillory Guillory

  9. Ulander Guillory Stevens

*I have Guillory’s on both side of my family.

1. Herbert Guillory married Jenny Guillory

  • Jennika Guillory
  • Shane Guillory
  • Lukane Guillory

2. Josephine Guillory married Michael Balque Sr.

  • Michael Balque Jr.
  • Latora Balque
  • Monica Balque-Mott

3. Julia Guillory married Johnny Francis

  • Nina Guillory-Dupont
  • Cynthia Guillory-Robinson
  • Immaculate Guillory-Sennet
  • Joseph Guillory Jr.

4. Joseph Hurlin Guillory Sr. married Betty Guillory

  • Hurlin Guillory Jr.
  • Pamela Waters

5. Julia Faye Common married Preston Common

  • Quintin Common
  • Gabriel Common
  • Naomi Common
  • Megan Common
  • Nicholas Common
  • Givona Common
  • Bethany Common

6. Ronald Guillory Sr. married Rose Guillory

  • Ronald Guillory Jr.
  • John Guillory
  • Lisa Guillory- Lafleur
  • Meg Guillory
  • Donnie
  • Missing #2

7. Graylin Guillory Sr.

  • Graylin Roderick Guillory Jr.
  • Nathaniel Guillory

8. Ulander Stevens married B.K. Stevens

  • Fatima Stevens-Brown
  • Katrina Stevens-Harris
  • Joan Stevens

9. Cassandra Guillory married Ronnie Guillory

  • Ariel Guillory
  • Ronnie Jr.
  • Erica
  •  missing3

My deepest apologies for misspellings, forgotten names, and left out family members (especially children and spouses that have not even been added yet!) all together. Please email me at with all info and any pics you may have that would make this page a pleasure for all….Thanks!




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